Transparent Economics

2023 CSBA & BLBA Details, key dates & economics

To get Raffle tickets, Please TEXT name, address, shirt size, and which divisions you want to fish

Why the raffle?

We require members to buy and or sell raffle tickets to make sure we continue to have the best payouts dollar for dollar anywhere in this level of bass fishing.  100% of all raffle proceeds are paid back to YOU the angler.  We realize that 200.00 to 300.00 is on the higher end of memberships which is why we offer the raffle so that those who don’t want to pay it themselves can sell tickets and pay nothing to join.

Transparent Economics

100% + of all money paid in by Anglers is paid back in the form of Prize money.

Payout Structure


40 Anglers Enter a tournament and pay 120.00 = 4800.00 (money taken at ramp)

We then take Raffle Money and add 20.00 x number of anglers to bring the prize pool to 20.00 x 40 = 800.00 in additional funds to bring the total for that tournament up to 5600.00.   Here is the breakdown of how where that goes.


400.00 Big Bass Prize

400.00 Put into the Progressive Bass Pot (money builds until someone hits the designated weight range)

4800.00 is paid out 1:6 anglers


1st Place              40%       1920.00

2nd Place             20%       960.00

3rd Place              12%       580.00

4th Place              10%       480.00

5th Place              8%         380.00

6th Place              6%         300.00

7th Place              4%         200.00


The remaining Raffle Money at the end of the year is added to the Belt Championship Pot


We also have approximately 11500.00 in sponsor money and here is how that Money is used…


Website Hosting: 2000.00

CSBA Staff: 3500.00

Apparel: 2000.00 (given to anglers free of charge)

Insurance: 1000.00

Plaques, Belts, & AOY Trophys 2000.00